Stockshakers Market Close update Tuesday 12-16-2014 Russian ruble suffers steepest drop in 16 years…in Rubble?

Dow closes down 110 points at session’s low
It was a wild day in the market on Tuesday as the Russian ruble crumbled and stocks had a wild day after opening lower, surging
higher, and closing at the lows of the day.
Volatility closed up today over 14% to 23.36
The ruble is the world’s worst performing currency in 2014,more so than the Ukrainian hryvnia, which had been the world’s laggard.
Other currency laggards of 2014 include the Argentine peso, the Norwegian krone, and the Chilean peso.
Last night, the Russian central bank raised interest rates to 17% from 10.5% to stem the decline in the value of the ruble. On Tuesday,
the ruble declined to as low as 79 against the US dollar, 2 days in a row of 10% declines or more in the ruble’s value.

S&P 500 1,972.74 -16.89 -0.85%
DOW 30 17,068.87 -111.97 -0.65%
NASDAQ 4,547.83 -57.33 -1.24%
Russell 2000 1,139.37 -0.93 -0.08%
Stockshakers are cautiously long here  with a focus on bounces above previous resistance points. Too many rally’s are being sold off so respect the resistance and watch for the breaks as entry triggers.

Stockshakers Market Close update Monday 12-15-2014 Its up! Its Down…We are we’re not…

Stockshakers Market Close update Monday 12-15-2014 Its up! Its Down…We are we’re not…


S&P 500 1,989.63 -12.70 -0.63%
DOW 30 17,180.84 -99.99 -0.58%
NASDAQ 4,605.16 -48.44 -1.04%
Russell 2000 1,140.30 -12.14 -1.05%


The cyber financial war with Russia rages on as we crush their economy with energy price compression is now a battle of global wills dragging the US Dollar into the action.
So goes the US Dollar so goes US Equities. The compression of Global energy prices will eventually reach a critical point and the reflex action will create a fun ride back up for Stockshakers.
In the mean time until we start creating higher highs this will be a sell the rips type market environment.

Stockshakers Market Close update Friday 12-12-2014

Dow’s 300-point drop Friday caps worst week since 2011
All three major indexes lose 1.2% or more as price of U.S. oil slips below $58.

S&P 500 2,002.33 -33.00 -1.62%
DOW 30 17,280.83 -315.51 -1.79%
NASDAQ 4,653.60 -54.56 -1.16%
Russell 2000 1,152.44 -14.52 -1.24%


JNK the ETF covering the the Junk bonds tell the story here, these are linked to the struggling energy sector and tell the tale of the fear and flight to quality we are currently experiencing in the US Equities markets.
Of the 10 major sectors only retail remained above water today.
The selling was broad and the $TRIN does not indicate an oversold condition.
The S&P500 futures support level turned out to be the 50DMA on the daily chart for the ES at 1996 late in the session we saw a minor bounce here that we will watch closely to see if it can hold and act as support.

Stockshakers Market Close update Thursday 12-11-2014

U.S. stocks snap three-session losing streak
The session was strong from the start but weakness began to show up around the time of the Bond auction in the afternoon session.
US Equities markets looked tepid into the close.
S&P 500 2,035.33 +9.19 +0.45%
DOW 30 17,596.34 +63.19 +0.36%
NASDAQ 4,708.16 +24.13 +0.52%
Russell 2000 1,166.96 +5.11 +0.44%

Retail sales surge 0.7% in November

Retail sales surge 0.7% in November
U.S. Equities markets are staging a nice rebound off the last three day drag:

@10:45AM EST:


S&P 500 2,054.11 +27.97 +1.38%
DOW 30 17,752.31 +219.16 +1.25%
NASDAQ 4,756.11 +72.08 +1.54%
Russell 2000 1,180.35 +18.50 +1.59%


Stockshakers traded SPY Calls and BIIB Calls from near the end of the session on Wednesday and are collecting at least some of the profits today

Stockshakers Market Close update Wednesday 12-10-2014

Dow ends down 268 points, worst day in 2 months
Oil Falls Below $61/Barrel 5 year Lows!
The 12-member cartel reduced its 2015 oil demand forecast by 280,000 barrels to 28.92 million barrels.The report comes out after OPEC decided to not cut its output last month, which has
been already weighing on oil prices. Jan crude oil closed out today’s session down $2.85 to $60.97/barrel.
Feb gold lost $2.90 to $1229.40/oz, while Mar silver rose 4 cents to $17.18/oz

interesting fact. every time the dax has hit 10000 mark, a correction was on it’s way. So the 10000 mark never has held up for long

Extended session trading at 4:55PM EST RH $92.18 +$6 +6.96%
S&P 500 2,026.14 -33.68 -1.64%
DOW 30 17,533.15 -268.05 -1.51%
NASDAQ 4,684.03 -82.44 -1.73%
Russell 2000 1,161.85 -26.21 -2.21%

We may see some buying soon in the broader market after the +3.48 TRIN reading on close today

Stockshakers Market Close update Tuesday 12-09-2014

U.S. stocks close off day’s lows; Nasdaq shakes off loss to post 25-point gain
S&P 500 2,059.82 -0.49 -0.02%
DOW 30 17,801.20 -51.28 -0.29%
NASDAQ 4,766.47 +25.78 +0.54%
Russell 2000 1,188.06 +20.75 +1.78%

Stockshakers are long Dec.14 340 calls BIIB & ILMN Calls delta 20’s and Delta 70’s Dec.14
The US Dollar and the IWM are key for the next leg up.

Stockshakers Market Close update Monday 12-08-2014


Oil hits 5 year Lows.
The price of Brent crude oil fell to $66.22 while WTI futures fell to $63.05 as crude resumed the plunge that really began on Thanksgiving day
after OPEC declined to curb production.

S&P 500 2,060.31 -15.06 -0.73%
DOW 30 17,852.48 -106.31 -0.59%
NASDAQ 4,740.69 -40.07 -0.84%
Russell 2000 1,167.31 -15.12 -1.28%


TLT seeing big inflows and the Twitter TWTR Shorts are growing.

Stockshakers Market Close update Friday 12-05-2014


Stocks End Slightly Higher After Strong Jobs Report Rekindles Rate Hike Concerns
S&P 500 2,075.37 +3.45 +0.17%
DOW 30 17,958.79 +58.69 +0.33%
NASDAQ 4,780.76 +11.32 +0.24%
Russell 2000 1,182.43 +9.42 +0.80%

Dow ends at record after trading within 9 points of 18,000  These are very bullish times for the U.S. Equities markets.

Stockshakers Market Close update Thursday 12-04-2014

U.S. stocks lose grip on records after ECB holds off on stimulus
S&P 500 2,071.92 -2.41 -0.12%
DOW 30 17,900.10 -12.52 -0.07%
NASDAQ 4,769.44 -5.03 -0.11%
Russell 2000 1,173.01 -6.00 -0.51%

Stockshakers Market Close update Wednesday 12-03-2014

Dow and S&P 500 notching all-time closing highs as economic reports showed steady growth on jobs and in other fronts.
After its gain of 33 points, the blue-chip Dow new high of 17,912.62.
The S&P 500’s new number to beat is 2074.33, an increase for the day of nearly 8 points.
Finishing 0.4% higher, the Nasdaq composite ended the day at 4774.47.
On Tuesday, the Dow hit a new all-time closing high of 17,879.55 – about 51 points above the prior record close set Friday.

Stockshakers Market Close update Tuesday 12-02-2014

S&P bounced off 2050 level. It closed at 2066.55 on December 2nd.
Resistance is 2079 and then it will head towards 2084-2090.
S&P 500 2,066.55 +13.11 +0.64%
DOW 30 17,879.55 +102.75 +0.58%
NASDAQ 4,755.81 +28.46 +0.60%
Russell 2000 1,168.45 +14.40 +1.25%