Stockshakers Market Close update Thursday 06-19-2014


Markets were under pressure most of the day, there were some real sloppy looking stuff going on and part of it is natural after the Fed meeting. Part of the sloppiness in the market is part of the Triple Witching week antics.

Stockshakers took a loss on part of the BIDU Position as a cover, there is a partial position still open.
Some of the Friday morning activity may reflect the afterhours hit in ORCL they are down 2x the expected move, big hit that may add pressure to the markets on Friday morning.


S&P 500 1,959.48 +2.50 +0.13%
DOW 30 16,921.46 +14.84 +0.09%
NASDAQ 4,359.33 -3.51 -0.08%
Russell 2000 1,184.03 +0.90 +0.08%

Many of the high flyers took a hard hit in Thursdays session, Stockshakers took profits on 8 out of 10 positions on Open.
Another great session in spite of the ugly session we have spreads in place to gain Theta and protect any positions we have open.
There is an interesting note with GOLD and SILVER jumping by such a huge amount today we may be setting up for some pull back soon.