Stockshakers Market Close update Wednesday 06-18-2014



Fed day and another dose of more of the same.
The markets started quiet sort of holding their breath into the fed meetings and after chair Yellen mention the $10Billion Taper Equities continued to rise.
Stockshakers had another action packed day of excitement growing our P & L.

Our most challenging Long hold currently would be the calls position in BIDU, but the open Puts postion from Wednesday more than offsets the Theta decay and adding more Theta in our favor will help ease the wait for the next leg up in BIDU.

NFLX calls fed the P&L as well as SCTY Calls, FB Calls, BWLD calls, QQQ calls, COST Calls, TRN Closed our Calls out for profit as well.
S&P 500 1,956.98 +14.99 +0.77%
DOW 30 16,906.62 +98.13 +0.58%
NASDAQ 4,362.84 +25.61 +0.59%
Russell 2000 1,183.13 +6.51 +0.55%

Opened Calls in July on JPM, AMZN Calls remain Open after taking profit on 3/4’s of the position after a great run up today on the heels of the new Fire Phone announcement.