Stockshakers Market Close update Thursday 06-12-2014

Another sloppy day for the US Equities markets and another up day for Stockshakers.

We took profits in USO (Position remains open), Took profits in Z (Big), RH (Big),  TWTR (Position remains open), and the scalp trades throughout the day sent the P/L to a weekly high in the face of an unfriendly market tone.

S&P 500 1,930.11 -13.78 -0.71%
DOW 30 16,734.19 -109.69 -0.65%
NASDAQ 4,297.63 -34.30 -0.79%
Russell 2000 1,159.40 -7.31 -0.63%

Friday we will take profits in Weekly Call Credit spreads and manage any trades to optimize profit margins.

Some of our current open positions include: USO, IBM (Puts), UPS (Puts), CAT (Puts), TWTR, GMCR, ATVI, YELP,AAPL, and TLT.

RH Trade

On markets open at 9:30AM EST Stockshakers closed our call positions on RH while the Equity was at its regular session HOD for gains.


Z – Zillow trade

Stockshakers closed out our Calls positions in Z today with the equity hitting 126.30 around 10:12 PM EST.
If you are still holding any of the Z Calls keep your stops tight.
Profits for the trade are in excess of 200%.



Stockshakers Market Close update Wednesday 06-11-2014


Stockshakers started to peel off portions of our ULTA Call contracts today.
Cashed in on the massive overnight gains on the open and spread the sell orders out at each peak through the day.
We still hold half of the original position and we are in profit, these are now playing with the houses money. The longer dated July, August, and September Calls are fine intermediate length holdings.

U.S. Equities markets met some selling as the 1950 level proved to be resistance but Stockshakers made Wednesdays session a profitable one.

S&P 500 1,943.89 -6.90 -0.35%
DOW 30 16,843.88 -102.04 -0.60%
NASDAQ 4,331.93 -6.07 -0.14%
Russell 2000 1,166.71 -6.00 -0.51%

Stockshakers traded Z Zillow calls throughout the day and into the close for a 150% profit and we kept a majority of our position open.
The 2pm hour Z started to climb for us and our calls exploded, we ended the day adding more calls in the Last hour on a pullback, Z july 115 CALL @12.00  it appears
to want to make new all times highs soon.

Z Wednesday Trade

Z Wednesday Trade








Opened the day buying RH Calls, we hold the full position of call options going into Thursdays trading session.

Restoration Hardware  RH First Quarter Highlights
Net revenues increased 22% on top of a 38% increase for the same period
last year
Comparable brand revenue growth was 18% on top of 39% for the same period
last year
Adjusted operating income increased 204% to $14.0 million; GAAP operating
income of $4.8 million compared to $0.5 million for the same period last
Adjusted net income increased 217% to $7.2 million; GAAP net income of
$1.8 million compared to a net loss of $0.2 million for the same period
last year
Adjusted diluted EPS increased 200% to $0.18; GAAP diluted EPS of $0.04
compared to break-even for the same period last year

RH had a strong day pushing to $72 and then blew the doors off with their
earnings report, sending the stock up another 12% to $80 in after hours.
Depending on analyst upgrades tomorrow, we could see $85  soon.

Open position in TWTR, YELP, Z, RH, CMG, NVDA, QIHU, WYNN, TSLA, APC.


Stockshakers Market Close update Tuesday 06-10-2014

S&P 500 1,950.79 -0.48 -0.02%
DOW 30 16,945.92 +2.82 +0.02%
NASDAQ 4,338.00 +1.76 +0.04%
Russell 2000 1,172.71 -3.17 -0.27%

IWM was the winner yesterday and today it was the laggard.
Stockshakers took another piece of the profit pie out of AAPL selling 1/3rd of our position.
Anadarko Petroleum: APC just off the new 104.36 Hod print with those Aug. 115c  high volume today (104.04 +0.97)
We aded to our calls in Z, and TWTR. Puts in QIHU and will be selling our ULTA Calls contracts on the Open Wednesday market.
These were purchased last week for 3.50, based on the closing print of the price in the extended session tonight those contracts theoretical value are registering $14.65.
Looking for TSLA, PCLN & BIDU to pullback here, on the long side we are looking for Cost calls, XOM and GOOGL to rise for us.

Stockshakers Market Close update Monday 06-09-2014

While markets are hitting new highs there is an undetone of possible
correction or at least pullback looming. Rising rate fears are the buzz
word on the streets and The VIX has been reawakened and we may see
volatility return for some time to come.

S&P 500 1,951.27 +1.83 +0.09%
DOW 30 16,943.10 +18.82 +0.11%
NASDAQ 4,336.24 +14.84 +0.34%
Russell 2000 1,175.88 +10.67 +0.92%

AAPL Calls are open for Stockshakers, we are looking for additional
upside seeking a new all time high above 100.
The 90 Calls are going to see much of the odd priced options as a result
of the 7 for 1 split that occured Monday.
We are in profit so keep stops tight. Stockshakers have open positions in: AVT Call Debit Spreads, FLIR, ILMN Calls, JOY, APC, TLT, CMI, USO, IR, WFM, and FLS.


Stockshakers Market Close update Friday 06-06-2014


Stock market heads higher after jobs report The Standard & Poor’s 500 index notched another record high, its eighth in the past 10 days. For the week, the index climbed 1.3 percent, the third straight in which it has posted solid gains.

Before the market opened, the Labor Department said employers
added 217,000 jobs to their payrolls in May, in the range of
what economists had expected. The unemployment rate stayed put
at 6.3 percent. Wall Street forecasters had expected it to inch up.
Friday 06-06-2014

S&P 500 1,949.44 +8.98 +0.46%
DOW 30 16,924.28 +88.17 +0.52%
NASDAQ 4,321.40 +25.17 +0.59%
Russell 2000 1,165.21 +11.27 +0.98%

The Russell 2000 gained 2.7% on the week, the S&P 500 +1.3% for
the week.

Stockshakers bought BIDU Call options on the open later selling
50% of the position for 100% profit on the day. GMCR Triggered
in our intraday scan showing unusual options activity in the
June week 2 120 Call options. Stockshakers immediately opened
positions starting at .90 around 2 PM EST the position started
to go parabolic. Stockshakers took a healthy profit of 500% on
the day leaving 35% of the remaining position open creating
essentially a free position. There was a story released that
Target stores are licensing GMCR products from 06/02/2014  and Keurig Green Mountain and The J.M. Smucker Company Announce Expanded Partnership Agreement..
Carl Icahn takes 9% stake in Family Dollar: reports
Familly Dollar shares up 10% $66.49 in late trade on Icahn

Family Dollar: Carl Icahn 9.4% active stake in FDO; intends to
have conversations with mgmt.
“The Reporting Persons intend to seek to have conversations
with members of the Issuer’s senior management and board of
directors to discuss the Issuer’s business and strategies to
enhance shareholder value, which may include the pursuit of
operating initiatives or the exploration of strategic
alternatives. The Reporting Persons may also determine to seek
shareholder board representation if appropriate.”

Apple AAPL splits Monday 7 for 1 closing today @645.57 Mondays
post split adjustment price initial quote will print at $92.22
per share.
Stockshakers traded AAPL Call options leading up to the close
today, keeping open positions into the split. The June week 2
630 Call options. After the split each contract will now be 7
at the lower post split adjusted values. Here is the deal at 7
to 1 if AAPL shares move $2.00 that would be the equivalent
move to a $14.00 move pre-Split

Consumer credit increased a robust $26.8 bln in April.
Revolving credit increased by $8.8 bln, from $861.6 bln to
$870.4 bln.

Stockshakers Market Close update Thursday 06-05-2014

Record High Closes Again for the US Equities markets.
Dow Jones industrial average posts its first record high close
since May 13 and the S&P500 adds a fresh record high close.
The Nasdaq closed up 44 (1.03%) at 4295, the S&P 500 closed up
12 (0.62%) at 1940, and the Dow closed up 96 (0.57%) at 16833.
Action came on slightly below average volume (NYSE 609 mln vs.
avg. of 682; NASDAQ 1793 mln vs. avg. of 1841), with advancers
outpacing decliners (NYSE 2447/701, NASDAQ 2098/579) and new
highs outpacing new lows (NYSE 308/19, NASDAQ 117/43).

S&P 500 1,940.46 +12.58 +0.65%
DOW 30 16,836.11 +98.58 +0.59%
NASDAQ 4,296.23 +44.59 +1.05%
Russell 2000 1,153.94 +22.72 +2.01%

Twitter TWTR shares rose 3% to $33.89 after rumors of the
company looking to purchase Sound Cloud surfaced this morning,
Stockshakers holds multiple strike and expiration Call options

Amazon AMZN Popped 5.5% to $323.57 after a video Teased a
future unveiling event June 18. Stockshakers holds multiple
strike and expiration Call options positions.

Apple AAPL shares continued the move up 0.39% to $647.35 the
looking 7 for 1 split event Monday is a big part of the bullish
action in AAPL recently. Stockshakers holds multiple strike and
expiration Call options positions.
Relative Strength:
Egypt-EGPT +4.7%, Greece-GREK +3.69%, Turkey-TUR +3.49%

Relative Weakness:
Volatility-VXX -3.62%, Corn-CORN -1.47%, Sugar-SGG -1.32%,
Copper Miners-COPX -0.79%

Futures trading today, Gold scores biggest one-day gain in
three weeks jgaining $9, or 0.7%, closing at $1,253.30.
A recently announced EPA initiative to reduce power-plant
emissions; although the court ruling isn’t final yet, this
piece of information is valuable because it is about an actual
change in policy that may directly affect coal producers,
power-plants, automakers, and the price of Palladium.

Verint Systems VRNT was up strong almost 10% on the session, Stockshakers holds multiple strike and expiration Call options
During Thursdays session Stockshakers opened FLIR Bullish Call option positions.

Stockshakers Market Close update Wednesday 06-04-2014


S&P 500 1,927.88 +3.64 +0.19%
DOW 30 16,737.53 +15.19 +0.09%
NASDAQ 4,251.64 +17.56 +0.41%
Russell 2000 1,131.22 +5.07 +0.45%

The S&P 500 closed at a record high for the sixteenth time this
year Wednesday, but the gains were slight.
The Nasdaq was the top performer for the day, adding 0.4%.
With the Apple AAPL 7 for 1 split looming the options have been
on fire. Stockshakers have been long calls June week 2 625 and
630 Calls. Each position in AAPL has been profitable so far.
Remember to trail up those stops to lock in your gains.

Stockshakers Market Close update Tuesday 06-03-2014

The stock market feels like it is in pause mode.S&P 500, Dow slip back from record highs as stocks nudge lower on thin volume.

S&P 500 1,924.24 -0.73 -0.04%
DOW 30 16,722.28 -21.35 -0.13%
NASDAQ 4,234.08 -3.12 -0.07%
Russell 2000 1,126.17 -2.73 -0.24%
Friday there is a very big employment report, which may be a
“make or break” for the next up leg for the U.S. stockmarket.
Markets are holding their breath in advance of the Friday
The 4 day move up in 10-year Treasury yields is biggest since
March. Treasury prices fell for a fourth consecutive session on
Tuesday, moving yields to their biggest 4 day rise since the
beginning of March, as the market continued to wind down the
move from a week ago.

Earnings Calendar

Today after the close look for the following companies to
Tomorrow before the open look for the following companies to

Stockshakers are long AAPL Calls leading up to the 7-1 split


Stockshakers Market Close update Monday 06-02-2014

the market is taking out all-time highs.

S&P 500 1,924.97 +1.40 +0.07%
DOW 30 16,743.63 +26.46 +0.16%
NASDAQ 4,237.20 -5.42 -0.13%
Russell 2000 1,128.90 -5.60 -0.49%
Index changes

CareTrust REIT (CTRE) will replace Tower Group International (TWGP) in the S&P SmallCap 600
effective after the close of trading.
S&P SmallCap 600 constituent The Ensign Group (ENSG) is spinning off CareTrust REIT to
shareholders in a transaction expected to be completed after the close of trading on that
date. Post spin, The Ensign Group will remain in the S&P SmallCap 600. Tower Group is
ranked near the bottom of the S&P SmallCap 600 and is no longer representative of that