Stockshakers Market Close update Monday 06-30-2014

It was a sleepy market today with some of the typical 1st day of the quarter shenanigans with a few wide swings and some rapid sell programs triggering near the end of the day, but over all a quiet day.


S&P 500 1,959.17 -1.79 -0.09%
DOW 30 16,813.05 -38.79 -0.23%
NASDAQ 4,408.53 +10.60 +0.24%
Russell 2000 1,192.58 +3.08 +0.26%


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Todays trading session wrapped up the 1st half of 2014.


Stockshakers Market Close update Thursday 06-26-2014

Distribution day
S&P down for the 3rd session in 4.
Selling was muted it appeared to be profit taking.
The bull fought back to bring the markets close to flat by days end.

S&P 500 1,956.16 -3.37 -0.17%
DOW 30 16,839.02 -28.49 -0.17%
NASDAQ 4,375.36 -4.40 -0.10%
Russell 2000 1,179.79 -2.89 -0.24%

IPO — GPRO 31.34, +7.34 GoPro +30.6% on its first day as a publically traded company

The 1st half of the year is winding down and the Institutional sized accounts are re-balancing and window dressing.


Stockshakers Market Close update Wednesday 06-25-2014

Great recovery after the sell-off Tuesday. It was great to see a little fear in the market for the first few hours of the session on Wednesday.

The fear faded after the first +800 print on the TICK chart and the buying continued the rest of the session with only a few sales programs through the day.

S&P 500 1,959.53 +9.55 +0.49%
DOW 30 16,867.51 +49.38 +0.29%
NASDAQ 4,379.76 +29.40 +0.68%
Russell 2000 1,182.68 +9.44 +0.80%

A key area to watch will be the financial sector (-0.1%). It
underperformed on Tuesday when the market was trading higher and it is
underperforming again today. If the financials don’t get it in gear,
the broader market will find it difficult to move to a higher levels.

Stockshakers are positioned long in CMG Calls, this is a great squeeze setting up and all of the conditions are lined up for a high percentage trade.
Long BWLD calls, SBUX Calls, GILD Calls, GOOGL Calls, Z Calls, NFLX calls, among others.
Looking at QIHU re-entry, BIDU re-entry, LNKD adding to our calls, and to start selling premium on weekly spreads for Friday.

Stockshakers Market Close update Tuesday 06-24-2014

Markets took an ugly turn today.

I have not been in mostly cash for forever… But this is the most in Cash I have been for some time

TRIN is at an extreme level if we are down again tomorrow…Get short fast
S&P 500 1,949.98 -12.63 -0.64%
DOW 30 16,818.13 -119.13 -0.70%
NASDAQ 4,350.36 -18.32 -0.42%
Russell 2000 1,173.24 -11.71 -0.99%

Stockshakers Market Close update Monday 06-23-2014


The VIX index is making new seven-year lows, TVIX is presenting an entry opportunity.

S&P 500 1,962.61 -0.26 -0.01%
DOW 30 16,937.26 -9.82 -0.06%
NASDAQ 4,368.68 +0.64 +0.01%
Russell 2000 1,184.95 -3.47 -0.29%

We may be setting up for a bit of a pull back then the next leg up.



Stockshakers Market Close update Thursday 06-19-2014


Markets were under pressure most of the day, there were some real sloppy looking stuff going on and part of it is natural after the Fed meeting. Part of the sloppiness in the market is part of the Triple Witching week antics.

Stockshakers took a loss on part of the BIDU Position as a cover, there is a partial position still open.
Some of the Friday morning activity may reflect the afterhours hit in ORCL they are down 2x the expected move, big hit that may add pressure to the markets on Friday morning.


S&P 500 1,959.48 +2.50 +0.13%
DOW 30 16,921.46 +14.84 +0.09%
NASDAQ 4,359.33 -3.51 -0.08%
Russell 2000 1,184.03 +0.90 +0.08%

Many of the high flyers took a hard hit in Thursdays session, Stockshakers took profits on 8 out of 10 positions on Open.
Another great session in spite of the ugly session we have spreads in place to gain Theta and protect any positions we have open.
There is an interesting note with GOLD and SILVER jumping by such a huge amount today we may be setting up for some pull back soon.


Stockshakers Market Close update Wednesday 06-18-2014



Fed day and another dose of more of the same.
The markets started quiet sort of holding their breath into the fed meetings and after chair Yellen mention the $10Billion Taper Equities continued to rise.
Stockshakers had another action packed day of excitement growing our P & L.

Our most challenging Long hold currently would be the calls position in BIDU, but the open Puts postion from Wednesday more than offsets the Theta decay and adding more Theta in our favor will help ease the wait for the next leg up in BIDU.

NFLX calls fed the P&L as well as SCTY Calls, FB Calls, BWLD calls, QQQ calls, COST Calls, TRN Closed our Calls out for profit as well.
S&P 500 1,956.98 +14.99 +0.77%
DOW 30 16,906.62 +98.13 +0.58%
NASDAQ 4,362.84 +25.61 +0.59%
Russell 2000 1,183.13 +6.51 +0.55%

Opened Calls in July on JPM, AMZN Calls remain Open after taking profit on 3/4’s of the position after a great run up today on the heels of the new Fire Phone announcement.



Stockshakers Market Close update Tuesday 06-17-2014


Stockshakers had a great trading session with GMCR calls rocketing up for us today.
DDD Calls offered up 150% Profit in 2 days.
BIDU was traded several times and we remain in our position after taking profits several times during the session Tuesday.
We took profits on USO Calls at over 100% Profit.
Open positions are: BIDU July 170 Calls, TSLA Calls, FB Calls, Deck calls, TRN Calls, FOSL Calls, NFLX calls, RIG calls, MOS, NUE, NVDA, ATVI, DAL, Calls.


S&P 500 1,941.99 +4.21 +0.22%
DOW 30 16,808.49 +27.48 +0.16%
NASDAQ 4,337.23 +16.12 +0.37%
Russell 2000 1,176.62 +9.80 +0.84%

Stockshakers Market Close update Monday 06-16-2014

FED talking about Bind Fund Exit fees. “officials are concerned that bond-fund investors can withdraw their money
on demand”

S&P 500 1,937.78 +1.62 +0.08%
DOW 30 16,781.01 +5.27 +0.03%
NASDAQ 4,321.11 +10.46 +0.24%
Russell 2000 1,166.82 +4.14 +0.36%

Wednesday is Fed day and the market is tip toeing up to Wednesday.
The stockshakers trades have been profitable and Monday we daded to the P&L with XLNX Calls, TRN Calls, TSLA
Calls, SPWR Calls, FSLR Calls.

Stockshakers Market Close update Friday 06-13-2014

Friday the 13th and the news today will make anyone feel superstitious.

U.S. stocks end up Friday after a sloppy day the Dow & the S&P500 register worst week in 2 months.
Unrest in the Middleast appears to be more serious than many initially thought, the Russia and Ukraine story is starting to make some noise again as well.


S&P 500 1,936.16 +6.05 +0.31%
DOW 30 16,775.74 +41.55 +0.25%
NASDAQ 4,310.65 +13.02 +0.30%
Russell 2000 1,162.68 +3.28 +0.28%


YELP Calls opened gap up on M&A Rumors and pocketed 300% + Profits for us, Great trade everyone. If you are still in YELP calls tighten up your stops to lock in gains.
USO has had a great run for stockshakers we are up over 100% in our positions and have peeled some off.
TWTR is a good solid trade for us but tighten the stops, SPWR calls are in the portfolio and we are watching for a possible breakout from he and a move to the 40 area.
We are still holding GMCR Calls there is a likelihood that we will see this pop over recent highs in an upcoming session.
We added calls to our NVDA position, Same with XLNX, ATVI, SPWR,BWLD, and BIDU.

Closed the IBM Puts and went long with Calls.
On the watchlist: Some of these we currently hold calls in, WUBA,VIPS, SSYS,Z,ILMN, LNKD,FEYE, RIG,DAL,CBOE,CNX,DO,CREE, EBAY, CMG, ISRG, TNA, VRX, TSLA.


Have a great weekend, Happy Fathers day to all you Dads.