Stockshakers Market Close update Tuesday 07-22-2014

Stocks finished higher as the S&P 500 touched a new intraday all-time high, but failed to make a new closing record high, while the Dow and Nasdaq also climbed.
Puma Biotech. spikes over 100% after hours to 130.00 following news of positive trial results and Neratinib licensing amendment with Pfizer.
Puma Biotech. announces positive top line results from Phase III PB272 trial in Adjuvant Breast Cancer (ExteNET Trial); Neratinib achieves statistically significant improvement in disease free survival (59.03 +0.05)
Co announced top line results from the Phase III clinical trial of Puma’s investigational drug PB272 (neratinib) for the extended adjuvant treatment of breast cancer (ExteNET Trial).
Ending the extended session at 178 per share. Wow.


S&P 500 1,983.53 +9.90 +0.50%
DOW 30 17,113.54 +61.81 +0.36%
NASDAQ 4,456.02 +31.32 +0.71%
Russell 2000 1,156.15 +9.49 +0.83%

Stockshakers Market Close update Monday 07-21-2014

S&P 500 1,973.63 -4.59 -0.23%
DOW 30 17,051.73 -48.45 -0.28%
NASDAQ 4,424.70 -7.45 -0.17%
Russell 2000 1,146.66 -4.95 -0.43%

Monday the U.S. Equities markets opened with a down bias and started to recover around 11AM EST.

Big concern is later in the the markets did show additional weakness.


Stockshakers Market Close update Thursday 07-17-2014


U.S. Equities markets opened quietly Thursday but there was no buying conviction.
It didn’t take long before the news turned ominous and very sad with the loss of life from the with the news of the Malaysian airlines passenger jet was shot down over Ukraine near the Russian border.
Markets attempted an afternoon rebound, however managed new lows during the last hour  in reaction to reports indicating Israel has launched a ground offensive in Gaza.

S&P 500 1,958.12 -23.45 -1.18%
DOW 30 16,976.81 -161.39 -0.94%
NASDAQ 4,363.45 -62.52 -1.41%
Russell 2000 1,133.60 -17.95 -1.56%

It is too soon to tell if this is the start of something bigger or if we will see the bounce we would welcome on Friday.


Stockshakers Market Bias Alert

Instead of our typical nightly wrap-up for Wednesday night July 16,2014, unfortunately we need to take pause here.
Every indicator and scan is showing us increasing volatility and a heightened sense of concern about the U.S. Equities markets.

We would never try to call a top or anything that silly but we do want to share what we are seeing in our scans.
Additionally please note that the market has been selling each rally intraday which is the sign that somebody is selling into strength while we still have strength.
There is a likelihood that we trade into options expiration with a sideways to down bias.

S&P 500 1,981.57 +8.29 +0.42%
DOW 30 17,138.20 +77.52 +0.45%
NASDAQ 4,425.97 +9.58 +0.22%
Russell 2000 1,151.55 -2.26 -0.20%


Please be safe and remember that no matter what the market does Stockshakers will be here for you and with you through the ups and the downs.
We are in this together.
If you do not have your hedges in place, make it your top priority to seek out hedges 1st thing Thursday morning.
Hope that we do not need them…but always a good thing to be prepared.


U.S. Equities markets took a breather on Tuesday to lend an ear to Fed chair Janet Yellen.
Fed Chairman Janet Yellen mentioned that “valuation metrics in some sectors do appear substantially stretched,” and she
focused on social media and biotech stocks in her comments which turned the markets down immediately after the words left her mouth.
While this may have set up a sell the rally set of conditions Stockshakers are still bullish these markets until they are no longer worthy of our long positions.
Stockshakers have been trading the premium on each of the earnings reports and so far this season we are batting 100%.

While today may have presented very few trading opportunities, Stockshakers keep finding a way to harvest gains.


S&P 500 1,973.28 -3.82 -0.19%
DOW 30 17,060.68 +5.26 +0.03%
NASDAQ 4,416.39 -24.03 -0.54%
Russell 2000 1,153.81 -11.81 -1.01%

Stockshakers Market Close update Monday 07-14-2014


Markets came charging out of the gates today and didn’t look back.
Gold had its biggest 1 day drop in 2014.

S&P 500 977.10 +9.53 +0.48%
DOW 30 17,055.42 +111.61 +0.66%
NASDAQ 4,440.42 +24.93 +0.56%
Russell 2000 1,165.62 +5.69 +0.49%




Stockshakers pre-market trading look Monday 07/14/2014

Monday Morning and Equity Index futures are looking significantly stronger:


Futures Last Change Change%
Crude Oil 100.75 -0.08 -0.08%
Natural Gas 4.1400 -0.0100 -0.24%
Gold 1318.70 -18.70 -1.40%
Dow 16961 +80.00 +0.47%
S&P 500 1971.00 +8.60 +0.44%
Nasdaq 100 3917.00 +19.50 +0.50%

AAPL, FB, GPRO, FEYE, SHPG, GOOG, AMZN, just some of the stronger symbols in pre-market trading.


Gold and Silver indicating down bias.


Stockshakers Market Close update Friday 07-11-2014

The market’s biggest weekly drop since April this week and
Stockshakers are up for the week.


S&P 500 1,967.57 +2.89 +0.15%
DOW 30 16,943.81 +28.74 +0.17%
NASDAQ 4,415.49 +19.29 +0.44%
Russell 2000 1,159.93 -1.93 -0.17%

Stockshakers Market Close update Thursday 07-10-2014

U.S. Equities markets opened down in a reaction to geopolitical concerns as
well as Financial threats to Portugal’s Weak Financial System
and The Portuguese bank in question was “Espirito Santo
Financilia SA,”which appears to be swirling the drain.

The Bears tried as hard as they could today to turn the market
and the bulls fought back. While we finished down on the day
we saw some promising signs from this markets resilience
however we may see continued selling in the form of profit
taking. We are very extended and sesonally this is where the
markets typically see the VIX rise and sector rotation kicks
in. The old saying “Sell in May and Go away” came from the
potential concerns regarding the summer volatility.
Stockshakers made money today buying the IWM on the first Dip
and the a few of the High Beta names and sold those positions
later in the session for profits.
S&P 500 1,964.68 -8.15 -0.41%
DOW 30 16,915.07 -70.54 -0.42%
NASDAQ 4,396.20 -22.83 -0.52%
Russell 2000 1,161.86 -11.95 -1.02%
Gold 1337.00 +12.70
Put to call Ratio 1.06 Up from .84 yesterday

Friday may offer us more volatility, there is also a trend for
the week prior to the Monthly options expiration to see
selling thursday and Friday so it will be interesting to see
what the markets present us with on Friday July 11th, 2014.
There is a bit of a Put to call imbalance that may help the
bull case.

See you here.

Stockshakers Market Close update Wednesday 07-09-2014

QE winds down in October and rising rates loom, the top guys
from the big brokerage firms have issued warnings and caution
notes,2 Tuesday and 2 today. Are we on the brink of breaking
down out of this uptrend or do you think the institutional
side is trying to weaken the hands of the retail side?
While wall street is convienced that the only place you can go
to get alpha is the U.S. Equities markets, Stockshakers knows
there are multiple options and we will share them right here.
Today the lowest volume in July if you exclude the 563M on 7/3
which was the half day session prior to the holiday with a
1:00PM close.
S&P 500 1,972.83 +9.12 +0.46%
DOW 30 16,985.61 +78.99 +0.47%
NASDAQ 4,419.03 +27.57 +0.63%
Russell 2000 1,173.81 +1.66 +0.14%